1. We focus on serving the needs of the small and medium-size business market. In particular, we help companies that want service more than anything else and companies:

2. Recordkeeping and administration is all about 'detail' and we have people with decades of experience who love and enjoy doing this kind of 'detail work' - from plan set up to individual employee record maintenance ... to reconciliation and audit ... to data input and investment instruction ... to communication.

It's what our people love to do - and it shows in the results we achieve.

It's not rocket science. And yet it's what sets us apart.

Isn't it about time you got in touch with The Recordkeeper®?

3. We'll be there when you need us. We'll talk you (and walk you) through any problems or issues that come up.

Our turn-around is prompt. Should we be unable to meet any of your needs, we'll let you know well in advance. In short, there will be no surprises.

All data is kept secure - and backed-up. Our systems are housed at a third-party, fully redundant, fault-tolerant facility that provides 24-hour, manned security, fire suppression, and battery and generator backup systems. Our network is secured by a multi-layered firewall system covering both our client databases and our administrative applications.

We guarantee that when you need to talk with us - we will be there. We will deal with your questions or concerns effectively and professionally.

Our partnership doesn't end with the sale - it begins with it.

To this end, we guarantee you that we will work hard to meet your expectations.